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The story of Kachaça begins in Boston where, in April 2020, our founder makes the impulsive decision to pick up her entire life and move to Miami. Fast forward January 2021, after 9 months soaking in the sunshine, color, and vibrancy of Miami’s local energy, a friend introduces her to cachaça and the iconic Brazilian cocktail, the caipirinha. Having never tried the spirit before, she is immediately appalled by the gasoline-esque burn and harsh flavor of the spirit, but there is something intriguing about the classic cocktail that inspires her to learn more.

Be Bold


Be Adventurous

Despite being the third most popular spirit in the world, just 1% of cachaça produced ever leaves Brazil. The cachaça that ends up in most US caipirinhas is made in industrial distilleries using column stills and often contain added sugar. But our cachaça is different.

Be Different

Kachaça was born to be different. Our cachaça is handcrafted in copper pot stills from a special blend of three distinct cachaças: one aged in stainless steel which gives it brightness, one aged in jequitibá casks which contributes a citrusy bitterness, and a third aged in bálsamo casks providing a fruity finish. The result is a playful, smooth, well-balanced cachaça that works just as well in a caipirinha as it does on its own.