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Brazillian rainforest

Born in the
Brazillian Rainforest

Our premium Brazilian rum is handcrafted in small batches at a family distillery tucked away in the Atlantic Rainforest.

cachaca shot sugarcane brazilian

Each batch of Kachaça is double distilled in copper pot stills and then aged in jequitibá, bálsamo, and stainless-steel casks to bring out the rich and subtle flavors that define Brazilian cachaça.


After aging, Kachaça is finished with pure rainforest water directly sourced from the surrounding mountain springs and then cold filtered for an ultra-smooth finish before bottling.

Kachaça Distillery
A smooth,
well-balanced Brazilian rum perfect for the classic caipirinha or as a premium foundation in any rum cocktail.

About Adelaide

Founder and CEO of Kachaça Spirits Adelaide Campbell is on a mission to covert American cocktail drinkers into lovers of Brazil’s national spirit. Before she became a craft spirits entrepreneur, Adelaide spent the first part of her career as an actuary and then stared at whiteboards as a product manager. Now, she gets to spend a lot more face time with professional and home bartenders, educating them on the deep history, rich tradition, and unique flavors of the third most popular spirit in the world.

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