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We Love Bartenders

A bartender’s job isn’t easy. It doesn’t matter if your slinging margaritas to sorority girls on Ocean Drive or constructing perfectly crafted cocktails at one of the high-end bars in Wynwood or Downtown, working a long shift in a packed bar all night takes effort. That’s why when crafting Kachaça we spent time with a lot of bartenders getting feedback and watching how they worked during a night and how they closed out their shift.

How can we show our bartender's some love?

We learned a lot, but one small thing we noticed was the different ways bars manage their beverage program and how they perform inventory management. Inventory management is the only way to know how much a bar is making, if the drinks being served are profitable, if bartenders are overpouring, or if there some form of loss. The problem is that measuring the volume of a bottle at the end of a day can be difficult, although there are plenty of apps available to help.

Still, the process usually comes down to a tired bartender or bar manager making an estimate of the volume remaining in a bottle when all they really want to do is go home.

After thinking about it a bit, we figured we could make it a little easier for them with one simple design choice.

A clever solution to a common problem

Printed down the side of each bottle of Kachaça is a column of triangles and squares which, you just guessed right, are there to make things a bit easier. The triangles represent thirds and the squares represent quarters. An easy glance tells you how much Kachaça remains in the bottle and it cost nothing for us to add that to the label beyond a little effort getting the measurement correct. Hopefully it will save a little time for the bartender or manager at the end of a long night.

We’re submitting a patent application for the idea, but we’d be happy to see other companies step up and use the same format for their bottles. A bartender’s job is already hard enough, lets show them some love.

And always tip well!

A special shout out and lots of love to each of the amazing bartenders who participated in our cocktail competition! If you'd like to attend (or participate in!) the next one, be sure to join our mailing list.


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